Uniforms for Geisha Orphans

We were happy and proud to fund a new school block in Geisha community, Mzuzu, Malawi.

Our joy was tempered by hearing that there were 48 orphans in the school who could not afford uniforms. Happily we had the funds to solve this.

Another problem in that school and others in Malawi is the absence of desks. It is difficult to learn sitting on a concrete floor. Any help would be appreciated.

Liam's Walk 2019 Blarney 13th April at 12.00

Dear friends,


         As you know Liam died just over three years ago while I was in Sierra Leone with John and Bernice (my brother and sister) and other family members. We were there to officially open a school. The funds to build the school had been raised by them. Liam and I raised the funds for the school equipment. Because of what happened to Liam, both events will always be linked in our hearts. Liam loved to walk and did so almost every day so it is fitting that we remember him with a productive and active event rather than some sterile memorial.

         Therefore we wish to continue to have a walk for him and also to raise money to build Schools in West Africa. Education is the key to freedom from poverty. Since last year we have completed schools in Monrovia, Liberia and Malawi and schools are substantially complete in Sierra Leone. Other works include maintenance work on The Liam Manley Primary School and construction of wells.

         Details on www.schoolsandhealthfoundation.com

None of this could be achieved without the generous donations and funds raised by our friends, neighbours and the greater community. Thanks to you all.                                                                                                                Jackie

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